Best Investments for 2019

mutual fundsIt is quite easy to get caught up with your daily responsibilities at home and at work. At times, you do not realize that you are already failing to put any attention on other critical areas in making your financial life more stable.

People will tell you that the best time to invest is now. While there is some truth here, you also need to understand that the return is never what you can expect. This is why you always hear people say that investing at a young age allows you more room for mistakes and lessons.

It is never too late to start investing. Whether you are 25 or nearing 60, you are still able of making wise investments as you were 10 to 30 years ago.

Here are some of the investments you might want to look into.

Real Estate

You can invest in real estate by buying a residential or commercial property. Depending on your capital, do not just look at nearby locations but consider the entire nation as prices are not uniform in the USA. For instance at the moment Chicago real estate is still very
affordable nut other cities could be much more pricey.

What most people know is you can earn money by renting your property out. However, you can talk to your real estate agent and ask about real estate investment trusts or also called REITs. This is when many investors pool in money and purchase a property.


You can invest your money by buying shares of stocks. This allows you to be a part of the company’s success. Shareholders have a claim on the assets of the company they invested in. This may occur when the company decides to liquidate. Buy buying stocks, you also have voting rights as a shareholder. You have rights to received dividends as well.

Investing in stocks is more risky than other ivestments in our list so exert cautious when making such investment. First of all do not put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your stock holdings, you should have a minimum of at least 10 different stocks in your portfolio. Secondly be conservative rather than aggressive, place your money in solid establish businesses rather than the latest fad.


Bonds are issued by corporations, the government, municipalities, and other agencies. They act as a debt instrument whereby an investor loans money to an agency. As an exchange, the investor eventually gets interested payments plus the return of the bond’s value when if finally matures.

Like for stocks, an investment in bonds can be more or less risky depending how established the company issuing the bond is. So it is not the same to invest in a Tucson dumpster rental service company which benefits from continuous waste management needs in the city, versus a crytocurrency startup that could as well go banrupt tomorrow.

Mutual Funds

If you are the type who does not have time to keep up with the updates of your investments, a mutual fund may be the best option for you. A mutual fund is when multiple investors pool in a managed vehicle where someone invests your money in stocks, bonds and other investments.

The investment will definitely pay more when you start early. However, you have less room for mistakes you begin late. So as early as possible, try to at least invest in one of these platforms above. it can afford you the feeling of security and can save you from unforeseen financial difficulties.